Time & Attendance System

System Components

Time and Attendance System -The data collection system was designed for a customer who wish to have a time and attendance system that is low maintenance, portable and robust.

The engineering team at Existco developed the data collection system, which was exactly what the customer after.

How it Works

Each personnel have a unique barcode ID card. The personnel arrives at the site, he/she present the card to the system reader. The system reads the ID card and log the information with the time and date stamp and the scanning station that read the card.

The system consists of two main units the master unit that contain the terminal, and the scanning station that contain the barcode reader. The master unit communicate with the scanning station via the serial RS485 port.

Every time the scanning station read an ID card, the card ID is sent to the master unit. The master unit then will append the time/date stamp and the scanning number to the ID. This information is stored in the terminal. The user can download the information record to the PC for record keeping or processing of the data.

The system was designed specially for heavy weather condition, and is very easy to move and relocate.

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