On-Line Production Control System

System Components

On Line Production Controller - One of Existco's custom products, the on line production controller is a fully programmable, network-able, control unit that logs data about production, checks validity of scanned items and updates production databases.

On Line Scanner - An unattended on line scanner scans bar codes on products to record and count the products coming down the line. additionally, bar codes can be used to divert products to different lines or reject products if they don't match certain criteria.

Application Software

Application software - The on line production controllers are networked back to a central PC or server, where application software logs data and allows reporting and updating to be done.

Item bar code label printer - Bar code labels are attached to all items to facilitate scanning of data into the system. Labels can be supplied pre-printed or a thermal printer can be supplied with blank label stock, however for production type applications an on site printer is usually required to add labels to items as they are produced.

How it Works

Products are packaged and then passed by a label printer applicator. At the beginning of each production run, the parameters of the product are called up by entering a product ID number via a bar code scanner or the key pad on the production controller. This ID is then passed via the network to the main database. The software sends back the product parameters and the data is used to print the relevant information on the label for the packaging of each product.

Further down the production line, once the packaging has been filled, the bar codes are used to scan products and count the number that have made it through the production system. The system can be set to reject items that do not scan or divert items to another line if the bar codes meet certain criteria.

Statistics and information about the number of products passing, the production rate, down times, rejects etc are be collected and passed back to the central computer from multiple production controllers on multiple lines. The application software can give accurate reports on many aspects of production.

This kind of application is very product specific and Existco has the experience in industry to tailor a system to meet your companies specific requirements.

System Variations

  • Stand alone print controller - The controller can be used as a stand alone system to allow the printing of labels on demand in an industrial environment. Such environments include produce packing where information about grade and quality need to be labeled as goods are packed
  • Count only system - Controllers can be used with PE sensors to simple count the quantity of items passing and log statistics about quantities of items. This can be networked to a central PC or stand alone with a local printer to print statistics
  • Weigh scale - The controller can be connected to a weigh scale to read the weight of boxes placed on the scale and then print information about the product based information in a database. The database can be held on board the controller or networked back to a central location.
  • Numerous Applications - Applications for the online production controller are numerous. The system has been designed for flexibility and robustness for use in a variety of environments and applications.

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