Ink Jet Marking System

System Components

6200 Continuous Inkjet Printer - 6200 Continuous Inkjet Printer this model printer can print up to 4 lines of text, barcodes or logos. The printer is designed for industrial applications with a stainless steel, water resistant case. The printer can store up to 999 different messages, and has an inbuilt logo developer.

Labels and Printer

Shut Down Controller - The shut down controller ensures that the printer is properly shutdown even if mains power is lost. When a printer is properly shutdown the printhead is automatically flushed of ink to keep the system clean.

How it Works

Setting up the system Firstly, we need to determine the following:

  1. What is the speed of the conveyor belt?
  2. Is the speed of the conveyor belt constant?
  3. Where the product is going to be mark, (top, side, bottom)?
  4. What information is the system going to print, (barcode, logo, text or combination)?

Once all the above questions are answered, then we proceed to design the message to print. Install the the printer with the shut down controller.

Using the shut down controller The shut down controller communicate with the printer via the printer's serial port. To start the printer simply press the green button located on the front. To shut down the printer press the red button, and the shut down controller will automatically shut down the printer in its proper sequence with no intervention required from the operator.

System Functional Overview As the product passes through the photocell sensor, this will trigger the printer to print the pre-programmed message.

We have designed a shut down controller-printer system so that it will print a certain message, depending on the signal its receives from a PLC.

System Variations

  • Printer - The 6200 Linx printer is one of many printers that are suitable for the application.
  • Shut Down Controller - Standard shut down controller unit or the message control shut down controller unit.

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