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There's more to store and warehouse inventory management than labelling items; you need to implement an efficient tracking system to keep things in order. When it comes to this task, Existco can offer the right solution for your business.

As a leader in software engineering and data capture products, we offer a range of RFiD reader systems to manage your supply chain and inventory. With our products, you can improve productivity and achieve long-term growth.

Automated Data Collection

Our state-of-the-art RFiD tags and readers combine efficiency and technology for automated data collection. Like barcodes, our RFiD trackers allow you to match serial numbers or labels minus the extra labour. With these tracking solutions, you can speed up your inventory process to avoid delays in operations.

Fast Locating of Tagged Items

You don’t need to take out every item from the shelf just to scan their tags; our RFiD solutions offer fast locating of tagged items. Our readers can locate and scan items even if their tags are not visible. This long read range advantage makes our products cost-effective additions to your store data collection and warehouse inventory management.

Real-time Tracking for Streamlined Operations

Our updated tracking solutions make it easier to streamline operations and monitor items in real-time, from production to distribution. These allow you to handle supplies with higher accuracy—no more missing items in your inventory.

Enhance your processes with Existco products and see your business grow. Contact us today and find out how our solutions can make your business process more convenient and accurate.

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