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Real Time Location System (RTLS) Using Active RFiD Products & Solutions from RF Code (USA)

Are you looking for affordable, efficient, state-of-the-art RFiD radio-frequency technology for your business or warehouse? Then call on Existco, the leader in providing a broad range of automatic data capture products and electronic and software engineering services to local and interstate companies.

Our full range of services consists of sales, service and engineering departments, allowing Existco to offer complete solutions for all the projects we handle. RF Code hardware and software solution fully automates real-time asset management and wire-free environmental monitoring. Customers then know what assets they have, where they’re located, and their current status. As a result, they spend less time and money tracking, monitoring and managing their assets and asset environments.

By continually assessing our system's performance in the market place, Existco is committed to remaining a flexible and versatile organization that can adapt rapidly to the industry's changing technologies. This means our barcode readers and other tracking solutions will always be up-to-date and capable of working alongside any systems our customers are putting to use.

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