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No positions at this time. - Please contact Eli Abitbol for inquiries on future positions.

Equal Employment Opportunity

In accordance with Federal and State laws,  Existco  provides an equal employment opportunity policy towards all employees without discrimination against race, gender, religion, color and any disability or impairment.

This policy extends to all applicants for employment and all current employees. This policy works in the strictest compliance with Federal and State Laws. This equal employment opportunity includes hiring, promotion, transfer, compensation and training, also including leaves of absence and in some cases, termination.

Existco will endeavor to consistently employ capable people to manage and operate our working environment in a safe and profitable manner. This allows all people employed by Existco to utilize their skills to their fullest potential, with the pathway to achieving the highest position possible. Staff will be continually rewarded for their efforts and skill both in wages, and protection against discrimination in all forms.

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