Existco Pty Ltd Mission Statement

Existco Pty Ltd is a company constantly striving for improvement in the ability to meet the needs of our customers. It is our aim to deliver the latest technology and provide the very best of customer service.

To our Customers: Your daily business needs are the very reason for our existence. Your ever-changing requirements give us the challenge to be innovative and at the forefront of technology.

To our Principles: Your excellence in the supply of products and support enable us to serve our customers and local industry. You supply the means for confidently selecting the right equipment for each of our customer’s applications.

To our Staff: You are the building blocks of our business and are essential to our success. We will continue to set high standards for you to follow, supply on-going training, access to the latest technology and cater for your personal growth coupled with financial rewards.

To ourselves: We will keep focused on our future, constantly reinvent ourselves and not forget the life style we originally set out to achieve.

We achieve these objectives through the following:
  • Development of our customer base and the constant search for new sources of business.
  • Exceeding expectations as far as quality of product is concerned.
  • Marketing only efficient, superior products.
  • Increasing perception concerning value for money.

Efficient use and management of company resources and equipment. Maintaining a high level of staff quality, motivated by an environment that encourages and rewards input, responsibility and original ideas.

The contribution of all staff is vital to achieving these company goals.

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