Who Is Existco

In mythology one of the most amazing creatures was the Phoenix, an animal that could regenerate itself into a bigger and better version even after it was destroyed and burnt.

Rising from the ashes of AAA Barcode after it’s failure due to research and development over-extensions, Existco was formed.

As you will be aware our personnel were the nucleus of the operations at AAA Barcode and this event triggered us into forming our own company.

Between us we have many years of operational experience, particularly in the following areas; Bar coding, Point of sale, Product tracking, Product marking, Labelling and Engineering. This relates to services, installation and maintenance.

Existco is based in premises in the Perth CBD and operating in the heart of Western Australia making response times to our customers needs more rapid.

Fortunately, we are being supported by substantial investors whose motivation is similar to our own, and that is to establish and operate a full service company in our field.

We are able to provide most of the products and services AAA BARCODE have provided in the past, however, with an extremely high level of personal service.

Our personnel have more than 15 years combined experience in the bar-coding and integrated systems applications; with a long record of innovation and inspiration in custom business solutions.

The writer was the acting Manager and Senior Design Engineer for AAA BARCODE for the past 2 years and was instrumental in leading major projects development. In addition the writer was with AAA Barcode for the past 8 years and has gained a vast in depth knowledge of the industry.

Our skills and dedication are at your service.

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